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Principal investigator

Mélanie received her Ph.D. in molecular biology from the Université de Montréal under the supervision of Dr. Jean-François Côté at the IRCM. During that time, she focussed on understanding the biological roles of the cytoskeletal regulator DOCK1 during development and cancer progression. For her postdoctoral studies, Mélanie joined the lab of Dr. Elaine Fuchs at the Rockefeller University in New York where she pursed her interests for Rho GTPases signalling networks. She investigated the role of these networks during skin morphogenesis by developing a novel screening approach. Throughout her career, Mélanie's work has been published in prestigious journals. Notably, one of her breakthrough received a best publication award form the CIHR Institute of Cancer Research. Mélanie is a strong advocate for mental health awareness. In her free time, she is a runner, a proud dog mom, a dedicated baker and a true crime podcast enthusiast.

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Research Professional

Manel obtained her bachelor's degree in molecular and cellular biology and biotechnology from the Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Monastir in Tunisia. Her passion for science brought her to pursue a master's degree in neurology at Université Laval under the supervision of Dr Abid Oueslati. During that time she studied proteins involved in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's. Throughout her training, Manel obtained several awards. She ranked first in her cohort during her bachelor degree and she received an excellence scholarship from the Université Laval. In her free time, Manel enjoys practicing latin dances.

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Research Professional

Alessandra started her academic career with a Bachelor's degree in biology from University of Calabria in Italy. Then she obtained a Master's degree in molecular and cellular biology at University of Bologna. She pursued a Master's degree in neuroscience at Université Laval. During her academic career, she developed great interest in health research and she was a brilliant student, being conferred many awards. In her free time, Alessandra loves making Italian food, doing outdoor activities and enjoying nature.



Research Professional

After obtaining a Bachelor (Microbiology) and a Master (Molecular and Cellular Biology) degree from Université Laval, Alexandra worked as a Research Professional / Lab Manager in a Cancer research team. During that period, she acquired new skill sets in different subjects such as team management, students training and administrative duties. She is now happy to be involved in building a brand new team and working on small GTPases and cell cytoskeleton. Being a mom of toddlers, she doesn’t have a lot of free time, but when she does, she’s studying (currently statistics classes, Yeah!) and she relaxes while reading fiction novels.

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Research Intern - Fall 2021

Amy just completed her second year of her bachelor’s degree in molecular and cellular biology at Université de Sherbrooke. She is passionate about cancer research and plans to do a master’s degree in this field. In her free time, Amy likes to try different types of workouts and go out with her friends to try new restaurants.



Lab mascot

Willie is our newest team member. Even if he is still a young puppy, this miniature Dachshund #sausage dog is melting everyone's heart with his green eyes. He makes sure to cheer for the team with his smile... and puppy breath! His favorite hobbies include power chewing and power napping.



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Research Intern - Fall 2021

Stéphanie just completed her second year of her bachelor's in biomedical sciences at Université Laval. She is passionate about health, and everything related to the human body. In her free time, she really likes to play guitar and ukulele. Stéphanie also enjoys spending time outside and watching tv shows.

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Research Intern -Summer 2021
NSERC Undergraduate Research Award

Coralie is a second year student at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières finishing her Bachelor's degree in biomedical science. She plans to pursue her interest in science in higher studies and explore different fields in the matter. In her free time, Coralie loves trying vegan recipes, staying active and having a good time.



Research Intern - Summer 2021

Justine is currently studying microbiology at Laval University. She just completed her first year of a three-year bachelor's degree. She plans to do a master's degree in cell biology and carry on with a Ph.D. to have her own laboratory. In her free time, Justine loves to swim and go outside for walks



Research Intern - Fall 2020

Frédérique is from Bas-St-Laurent and has now been living in Quebec City for the last four years to study at Laval University. She is studying biomedical sciences and is on her way to conclude her Bachelor’s Degree in the spring. She plans on obtaining a master’s degree while also pursuing studies in medicine with an undergraduate medical doctorate. In the future, she hopes to combine clinical practice and research. In her free time, Frédérique is interested in sports and the outdoors. She also enjoys reading and cooking.



Lab mascot

Buddy was the greatest Chihuahua mixed dog. He used to support and cheer for the team with his smelly kisses and love for treats. His favorite hobbies included intense fetching session, hunting for food and power napping. Unfortunately, Buddy left us in the winter of 2021 and we will always be grateful for the joy he provided us.